Newborn fawn waits with horses for her mother to return

Near Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a newborn fawn waited patiently for her mother to return. The adorable little one, however wasn’t alone. Three horses belonging to the ranch owner, Kally May waited with the defenseless little one, and it was oh so precious.

According to CbsDenver, Kally photographed the three horses and their tiny guest. One of the horses put her head down and seemed to be guiding the fawn as she negotiated her footing.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials recommended leaving the fawn alone and that the mother would likely return.

We are happy to report that Kally wrote the mom arrived and off the two went.
Please note it is “baby wildlife” season in the late spring and early summer. Babies know to stay still in one spot so as not to attract predators. Many people misinterpret this natural instinct as being sick or injured which is often not the case.

Too often, well-intentioned people attempt to “save” their lives. Leave wildlife alone.

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