Meet The Coppersmith Barbet, An Unmistakable Bird With Red Forehead And Fluorescent Yellow And Green Plumage

There are unmistakable birds in nature. Their plumage is so distinctive, making these creatures stand out from the crowd. And we, humans, find it hard to describe their coats sometimes.

The coppersmith barbet is among these conspicuous birds. Most of its body is covered with fluorescent yellow and green with grey and black streaks on lower parts.

The face is probably the most colorful part of this species. It has an eye-poppingly red forehead, yellow cheeks, a yellow throat, and a red chest.

Like many other birds, the female coppersmith barbet is duller than the male with some yellow on a narrower red “badge”. However, both sexes have red legs.

Regarding your birds, they don’t have any red coloring of the adults.

Coppersmith barbets are also called the crimson-breasted barbet and coppersmith barbet. They distribute in the Indian subcontinent and some parts of Southeast Asia, such as the Palni Hills, outer Himalayas, and the Western Ghats.

These birds prefer living in gardens, groves, and sparse woodland. They feed mainly on wild figs and berries. But they are sometimes seen eating insects if they are available nearby.

Along with the beautiful plumage, the coppersmith barbet is also known for its unique call that somewhat sounds like a coppersmith striking metal with a hammer.

The breeding season of this barbet is from December to September. Unlike many other birds, male coppersmith barbet birds join the females in building nests, incubating eggs, and feeding the hatchlings. Their nest is placed in the trunk of a tree or branch. The females then lay 2-4 eggs in the nest, incubate them, and feed the chicks with the help of their mates for about 5 weeks.

You can watch the video of this bird below.

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