Abused Blind Elephant Got Rescued And Found Love In Her New Family

The sad part of being rescuers is they only have limited space and sometimes they just can’t help some pitiful animals no matter how much they wish to. This is the case for Elephant Nature Park, an elephant conservation project in Thailand that has been involved in dozens of rescues and hasn’t planned to stop yet.

The volunteers at the park are always aware of the fact that they don’t have enough room for everyone, but when they accidentally see some elephant’s poor living conditions, they just don’t have the heart to turn their backs on them.

Ploy Tong was one of the lucky elephants that they decided to save from a trekking camp. In spite of her blind eyes, the sorrowful girl still had to work hard every day to transport tourists from dawn to dusk, and they even used bullhooks on her body. It was so sad to witness such a scene.

Fortunately, the Elephant Nature Park had saved Ploy Tong from her owner and given her a brand new life. With the help of several volunteers, Ploy Tong took part in an unforgettable journey of about 560 miles from Pattaya to Kuet Chang, Thailand to head to freedom. It was a long trip, but they were all happy to be a part of this awesome mission.

Let’s check it out:

Ploy Tong seemed to be pretty excited as she got closer and closer to her new home. Right after the young girl arrived at the park, she started to send her low vibrations out to inform her new herd about her appearance. And to everyone’s surprise, the other elephants were glad to have her there too.

The herd quickly rushed out to welcome Ploy Tong into their family, and the way they used their trunks to communicate with each other affectionately was just so sweet it could melt anyone’s heart.

So, the dark days were officially gone. It’s safe to say the future seemed quite bright for this cute girl.

Let’s take a look at Ploy Tong’s life-changing moment:

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